Monday, October 31, 2011

Picture of me leaving bright and early in the morning on the first trip to Metro Metals in Portland with this new truck/trailer loaded with scrap metal:

The trip went well as shake down cruises go.  I learned some things about my new 1979 GMC and salvage salvage trailer - as hoped.  The trip was worthwhile. Please use our handy CLICK TO BIGGIFY to make pic larger.


One Fly said...

It's up and running YES!!

Mr. Natural said...

Thanks man! I find that this particular GMC is what might be called a "gentleman jim", in that it was built with a pick up box on it and dual wheels a "doolie" if you must. The springs are a bit soft for my use, but I just happen to have some springs off a REAL 1 ton truck that I just today dragged into the shop...that's about a $1500 dollar load. I don't do it often, but getting better rig might make it more possible.

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