Monday, April 11, 2011


I finally got all the bolt holes where I wanted them (new rear auto trans crossmember, new motor mounts etc.)  NEXT up is figuring out the HYDRO-BOOST brake/steering, front end steering parts, and hopefully a tilt-tele steering column.  Then around back to pull the 1965 rear end assembly out and put in the new '76 Eaton rear end with great big brakes, which will work great with the '78 front disk setup I already swapped in.

Engine came from a 76 motor home.  low mileage great wet/dry compression, 4 bolt main, double hump heads.

Doing this alone, I used a chain come-along, a bigass old time chainfall, and a rope fence stretcher pulley to pull it toward the back (3 times!).

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