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Confining Manning and Falling Into the Outer Darkness
Kieran Manjarrez, Woodchipgazette: "For a brief moment, December's WikiLeaks scandal caused us to remember the forgotten Private Bradley Manning who was arrested in June 2010 and to this very day languishes in a perpetually lit white box, forbidden virtually all sentient stimulation or social contact... For two decades, extreme isolation and depersonalization have been standard and routine features in the American Gulag. The effects of these regimens both on individuals and on constitutional standards of justice are devastating."
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Tension and Grief in Syria After Protests and Deadly Reprisals
Michael Slackman and Liam Stack, The New York Times News Service: "Violence continued to plague Syria on the weekend, as government forces killed more demonstrators in Latakia, protesters burned offices of the ruling party in the south and west, and mourners throughout the country buried the dozens of unarmed protesters killed a day earlier. President Bashar al-Assad of the ruling Baath Party began the day in what appeared to be a gesture intended to ease the crisis, when he announced the release of as many as 200 political prisoners. But by sunset, Baath Party offices were burning in at least two cities, the military was deployed in Latakia and once again government forces opened fire with live rounds, witnesses said."
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An Anti-Science Mania Takes Over the GOP
Robert Benson, Miller-McCune: "You've got to go back to the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 for a precedent to the anti-science mania that is currently sweeping the GOP. Then, the issue was teaching Darwin's work on evolution in the schools. Today, the issue is global warming. Then, as now, large numbers of politicians tapped into the stratum of popular culture that simply rejects science as the basis for public or personal decisions... We are in Tennessee again, 1925, in the grip of the anti-scientists and their politicians. We will lose a generation in dealing with greenhouse gases. Yet the science says we have only a few years."
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Toxic Intervention: Are NATO Forces Poisoning Libya With Depleted Uranium as They "Protect" Civilians?
Dave Lindorff, This Can't Be Happening: "President Obama's criminal launch of an undeclared and Congressionally unauthorized war against Libya may be compounded by the crime of spreading toxic uranium oxide in populated areas of that country... Images of Libyan civilians and rebels celebrating around the burning hulks of the Libyan army's tanks and armored personnel carriers, which had been hit by US, French and British aircraft ordinance in the early hours of the US-led assault on the forces of Col. Muammar Gaddafy, could well have been unknowingly inhaling the deadly dust of the uranium weapons favored by Western military forces for anti-tank warfare."
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Senators Chart "Clean Energy Standard" That Includes Nuclear, Coal
Elizabeth McGowan, SolveClimate News: "With love, luck and lollipops being in short supply on Capitol Hill these days, it's highly unlikely Congress will present Sen. Jeff Bingaman with the legacy of a parting gift of even a watered-down clean energy standard... In the joint six-page white paper that emerged barely seven weeks after Bingaman's White House meeting, he and [Sen. Lisa] Murkowski remind readers that although Congress has debated low-carbon concepts for the last decade, no legislation has advanced beyond the committee stage. Their paper drills down on six main questions that need to be answered to figure out what type of CES might fit with goals President Obama is calling for and if that target from the White House is reasonable."
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Anti-Cuts March in London Saturday Reaches 400,000
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Two Bills Extending Benefits for Long-Term Unemployed Clear Final Hurdle
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In Germany, 200,000 Protest Nuclear Power
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Lawless Wisconsin GOPers Defy Court Order Against Anti-Union Law
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When Medicare Premiums Rise More Than Social Security Payments, Millions of People Living on Fixed Incomes Don't Get Raises
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Thousands of Union Supporters March Through Downtown LA
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