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March 2011

“The Story of Citizens United” video features call to rescue democracy
Corporations aren’t people and elections shouldn’t be for sale. If you agree, you’ll love “The Story of Citizens United v. FEC” a new 8-minute animated short by Annie Leonard, of “The Story of Stuff” fame. Since the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling, we have overwhelming evidence of the damage done to our democracy. Leonard explains the ruling, its fallout and why we need to overturn it.
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Don’t let high oil prices fool you — more U.S. drilling is not the answer
With oil prices topping $100 per barrel, some are dusting off the tired “drill, baby, drill” playbook and calling for an expansion of domestic oil and gas drilling. But speculation — not lack of supply — is the reason prices are going up.
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New consumer product safety database already threatened by budget cuts
The good news: The Consumer Product Safety Commission has launched a database designed to protect you from hazardous products. The bad news: Some lawmakers in Congress are already trying to cut off its funding.
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Want another financial crisis? Here’s a good way to get it
Among the numerous nonsensical cuts in the GOP budget are draconian cuts to federal agencies charged with preventing Wall Street from crashing our economy again.
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Victory! U.S. Supreme Court ruling boosts government transparency
The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a victory for government transparency when the court refused to allow an exemption to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to become an “all-purpose back-up provision to withhold sensitive records.” Public Citizen had filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case on behalf of itself and other organizations that support government transparency.
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We got a tip; now misleading information has been removed from plastic surgery website
“Don’t call it cancer — call it a condition.” That’s essentially what the head of a major plastic surgery association told members in a webinar about breast implant-related cancer. Public Citizen got the transcript and notified the Food and Drug Administration. Now the webinar is off the site.
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Release Trans-Pacific trade deal texts, organizations urge
U.S. unions and civil society organizations are demanding that the U.S. government release the working texts of the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement (FTA) currently under negotiation.
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Republicans from Wisconsin state Senate to be rewarded at Washington fundraiser
Fresh off a vote to end collective bargaining rights, Republican leaders of the Wisconsin state Senate are heading to a March 16 fundraiser in their honor at the Washington, D.C., lobbying firm of BGR Group, founded by Mississippi Gov. and big-time Republican fundraiser Haley Barbour. Donors are asked to give $1,000 to the state Republican Party; sponsors are asked for $2,500 while hosts must pay $5,000.
Rove group runs TV ad criticizing unions
We told you last month about how Crossroads GPS, a group co-founded by Republican strategist Karl Rove, was running radio ads on the budget in nearly two dozen House districts. The group is continuing to help ensure the financial health of television networks: It is spending three-quarters of a million dollars to run an ad critical of unions on CNN, CNBC and Fox News for a week.
Watchdog asks IRS to investigate group run by former Minnesota senator
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is asking the IRS to look into whether a group run by former U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) violated tax laws during the midterm elections. The American Action Network may have engaged in political campaign activity as its primary purpose, contrary to IRS rules, CREW says.

Gulf Spill Sickness Wrecking Lives 

Nearly a year after the oil disaster began, Gulf Coast residents are sick, and dying from BP's toxic chemicals.

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As Jim Hightower explains it, is that “the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans possess more net worth today than the bottom 90 percent of us combined. Worse, these privileged few and their political henchmen have structured a new economic ‘normal’ of long-term joblessness, low wages, no benefits or worker rights, miserly public services, and a steadily widening chasm between the rich and the rest of us.” We must restore sanity to this nation.