Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nuclear fallout headed your way?

A reader commented and left us a link to the FDA for guidance on using the POTASSIUM IODIDE.  One should READ this document, ESPECIALLY scroll down to page 8 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS as using this stuff can be dangerous.  Thank you, Mr. Davis.

Dear Ones,

Because some radiation has escaped from nuclear power plants in Japan, and because they are in serious danger of a full melt-down, with any amount of radiation in between, it is recommended that you take about 65mg of potassium iodide daily for about 10 days.  The link below shows the radiation path and timetable.  KI protects the thyroid, which is the most affected by radiation. 

Nuclear fallout map. Might be a time to eat more  sea veggies and take potassium iodine asap for a week or more? 

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Elli Davis said...

Before taking, it is better to read this guidance from the FDA:
FDA guidance

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