Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WAPO; Lessons from Exxon Valdez spill have gone unheeded

Same players
BeePee runs the consortium that owns the Alaska Pipeline (Alyeska) that was in charge of cleanup in Prince William Sound.
(the Trans-Alaska pipeline is a disaster set to happen at any moment).
Same "confusion"
We have been witnessing (again and again) BeePee's tecniques for dealing with disasters - ignore, hide, delay.

Now there is a new "Presidential Commission" convened in the Gulf of Mexico to investigate the BeePee caused deepwater gusher there.  No doubt they will learn exactly the same shit learned those years ago in Alaska.

One of the things that I am pleased about is the shutting down of all of the deepwater wells in the Gulf of Mexico for inspection and certification.  If all of these wells (and it looks like they are) are licensed and inspected like the one that blew up killing 11 workers and causing the destruction of a whole, vital ecosystem, we need to know (in spite of whatever any of the Republicans or Tee Parties say.

anyhow - please GO.READ

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