Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BeePee is burning endangered sea turtles alive

News has just emerged from the Gulf Coast that BP is burning endangered sea turtles alive.

A boat captain who has been leading efforts to rescue the endangered turtles says BP has blocked his crews from entering the areas where the animals are trapped, effectively shutting down the rescue operation.

BP is using "controlled burns" to contain the oil spill. Shrimp boats create a corral of oil by dragging together fire-resistant booms and then lighting the enclosed "burn box" on fire. If turtles are not removed from the area before the fire is lit, they are literally burned alive.

I just signed a petition telling BP to stop burning endangered sea turtles alive. To learn more and take action, click on the link below.



BP recognizes the risk posed to the environment from spills and takes a range of measures to prevent any loss of hydrocarbons

Our approach

Our strategy to address spills has three components:
  • Prevention: we seek to assure the integrity of vessels and pipelines used to transport oil and other hydrocarbons.
  • Preparation: we seek to ensure an infrastructure is in place to deal effectively with spills and their impacts. Our operating facilities have the capacity and resources to respond to spill incidents and we participate in industry and international forums to coordinate contingency planning and emergency response.
  • Performance: we record incidents, learn lessons and aim to reduce the number of losses from primary containment. 
An interesting place to 'drill down' into the corporate/structural bullshit machine of BeePee.

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