Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chinese ship ‘gouged two mile scar’ in Great Barrier Reef | Raw Story

Chinese ship ‘gouged two mile scar’ in Great Barrier Reef | Raw Story

Copied/pasted from the story:

"Conservationists say the incidents highlight the risk to Australia's environment posed by rocketing resource (COAL) exports to Asia, which are fuelling a strong recovery from the global financial crisis.

The reef, which is visible from space and is one of the world's foremost ecological treasures, has already come under pressure from rising sea temperatures and pollution."

On the one hand, Australia makes a ton of money mining coal and selling it to China for thier pollution spewing power plants (2 or 3 new plants per week!), yet the global climate change causing carbon dioxide from this is killing the coral reefs that the ship wrecked on.

Dear Downunderdunderers: You MAY NOT have it both ways.

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