Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Act By April 15 to Protect Bull Trout Critical Habitat: Support a plan to recover this native fish and give it the protection it deserves:

Cold, Clear Water for Bull Trout   
Harvey Creek near Grassy Top
Home to bull trout, Harvey Creek 
cascades down through roadless forests 
north of Spokane, Washington

Bull trout are a beautiful native char found in rivers and streams throughout Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada, including in the Columbia Highlands of northeastern Washington. To survive, they need cool, clear water; large wood, stable stream banks, and deep pools; and stream connections between spawning and rearing sites.

In the late 1990s, bull trout were listed under the Endangered Species Act as threatened with extinction, and they currently occupy only half of their historic range. A new proposal would designate "critical" habitat—those areas necessary to ensure survival and recovery—for bull trout in the greater Northwest. Please comment by April 5, 2010. Urge the US Fish and Wildlife Service to extend the best possible protections to bull trout.

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