Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Obama Administration has given Shell the green light to begin exploratory drilling off the coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- during the Refuge’s 50th Anniversary Year no less!

Unless we block Shell’s plan, drilling could begin this summer! Please donate now and help NRDC fight in court to protect polar bears, whales, and walruses from Shell’s reckless scheme.

Block Shell’s Arctic drilling and save polar bears from a deadly oil spill.

Stop Shell’s Attack on the Polar Bear’s Birthing Ground Before Drilling Starts This Summer!
Oil-covered polar bears stand almost NO chance of survival
Even government officials admit that an oil spill is inevitable if full-scale production occurs off the coast of the Arctic Refuge -- the main birthing ground of Alaska’s polar bears.

Help NRDC fight back in court!
Give now to stop Shell

Just when you thought the Arctic Refuge and its polar bears were safe from the last administration’s pro-polluter policies and Shell’s drilling schemes, the threat of deadly oil spills has reappeared.

Yes, I’m sorry to say that Shell is back with a plan to drill off the coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- even after NRDC sent them packing in a major court victory two years ago.

I’m even sorrier to tell you that it’s the Obama Administration that has given Shell the go-ahead this time -- which is deeply disappointing since the White House has proposed steps that would strengthen international protections for polar bears.

Now NRDC is going back to court to block Shell’s latest plan, and we need your emergency donation to help us prevail for the sake of polar bears and other imperiled wildlife.

The shores of the Arctic Refuge are Alaska’s main birthing ground and denning area for polar bears.

And government experts have predicted at least one oil spill will occur if full-scale oil production moves ahead. What’s worse, the oil industry has no proven method for cleaning up oil in icy water.

When that inevitable oil spill happens, any polar bears swimming in the thickly oiled waters will most certainly die -- since there is almost no chance of survival for oil-covered polar bears.

Polar bears that step in oil that washes up on the shore could be killed as well -- as they try to lick off the toxic oil to groom themselves.
Mother polar bears and their cubs are especially in danger during denning season.

But it’s not just polar bears that would be imperiled. Whales would be suffocated or poisoned ... hundreds of thousands of birds would be killed ... and seal populations would be severely impacted.

In short, an oil spill would be an unmitigated catastrophe -- blanketing the coast of the Refuge with an irremovable layer of thick toxic oil for generations to come.

Yet, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has given Shell the green light to begin exploratory drilling anyway -- during the 50th Anniversary of the Refuge no less!

NRDC needs your immediate financial help to fight in court and stop the drilling -- BEFORE it begins this summer.

Yes, we’ve defeated Shell before -- and we can do it again. But we cannot take on Big Oil and the government without your immediate help.

So please, give your most generous gift to help us stop Shell and defend our environment in the most effective way possible.

I look forward to celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Arctic Refuge with you -- knowing that together we have kept Shell’s oil rigs out of its coastal waters.

Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

P.S. Please don’t wait for disturbing photos of polar bears covered in oil before taking action. By then it will be too late. Please give now and NRDC will fight to make sure that an oil spill never happens!

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