Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hard-Rock Mining Threatens Alaskan Wilderness

Foreign mining companies, including Mitsubishi, Rio Tinto and Anglo American, are eyeing low-grade gold and copper deposits on pristine land in the Bristol Bay watershed in an area known as Pebble. A Bush-era management plan could open up more than 1 million acres of public land in the region to mining. The only way to extract this ore is through destructive and pollution-producing hard-rock mining.

A study of mines similar to the proposed Pebble mine showed that 85 percent of them polluted nearby waters. At Pebble, a proposed open-pit mine would be 2 miles wide (enough to line up nine of the world's longest cruise ships end-to-end) and 2,000 feet deep (enough to engulf the Empire State Building). As proposed, the mine would generate more than 9 billion tons of waste held behind a series of massive earthen dams -- all of them taller than China's Three Gorges Dam and located just 20 miles from an active fault line.

THAT SOMETHING LIKE THIS IS EVEN BEING DISCUSSED, ESPECIALLY FOR AN AREA LIKE THIS IS TOTALLY MIND BOGGLING.  When I was young and strong I spent a bit of time working in areas near here and this needs to be stopped as soon as possible. Some areas are just so important as parts of this garden planet that they need to be protected from short term profit taking.

You can help put a stop to this horrendous folly by clicking here or on the title above. 

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