Monday, December 7, 2009


It's evening here, and COLD.  The sun's rays are getting pretty long and I have been out taking care of business around the place for another freezing night.
I come in the house to warm my old bones and what the fuck do you think I see?  Some goddamned weasel Republican running his mouth about how the "majority leader made a big mistake not including Republicans in the meeting".

I am thinking FUCK YOU REPUBLICANS, you and your whole party of NO and the horses you motherfuckers rode in on!

Remember the Tech Bubble?  The Investment Banks Bubble?  How about the goddamned REAL ESTATE BUBBLE?  Does any of this ring a bell?  EVERY FUCKING BUBBLE THAT WE LOSE MONEY ON, SOME WALL STREET PUKE AND A CROOKED POLITICIANS MAKE A TON OF MONEY ON.

So...we remember that Clinton (not much of a Democrat, that asshole) presided over the tech bubble.  None of his doing, just pure dumb-ass good luck for slick willy.  Just like now you had Wall Street ponzi scheme assholes advertising like crazy on television for you to "invest with us, we're nice".  Same shit now.
Tech bubble burst.  I only lost about 2 grand-my own fault for gambling on AOL/TIME WARNER.

Alrighty then:  Next you got your INVEST WITH US, WE'RE NICE AND TRUSTWORTHY fukken ponzi scheme.  Those WALL STREET ASSHOLES are the same bunch who pumped tech full of fat and grease, then got out the old Jabsco pump and switched to the REAL ESTATE market.  The did a jim-dandy job of fleecing a LOT OF OTHERWISE NORMAL people out of a LOT OF REAL MONEY.  During that real estate run-up, a fucking SHACK here in my neighborhood would sell for 200 grand.

So, we got our nice little 3 bedroom 2 bath, built-in hot tub in the back porch which has all clear acrylic roof, 150x150 property with greenhouse ,potting shed, BIG WORKSHOP, and lock up storage for only 189.

Thanks to the REPUBLICAN ASSHOLES and the Clintonistas I can't give my fukken house away, which I will NOT do because I put every stick on this property and know what it costs to put something like this together, AND it is paid for.

So, don't be telling ME the Democrats made a mistake by not inviting the republicans into a meeting AGAIN just to have them run their mealy mouths about whatever the lie-du-jour is.


Suzan said...

Thank you, sir.

You've spoken for me and millions of others.

I lost some of my retirement money when Worldcom was exposed as a scam company. I had watched closely and invested in the tech side of the market all the way through the 80's and 90's, and that was the endgame for me.

I heard just a little while ago that these well-known frauds just abandoned the already-compromised "public option."

These well-advertised "moderates" supposedly sold us out on principle. (Not very moderate on corruption in my opinion.)

As if any of them have any.

Again, thanks for your unsubtle prose. It fits my mood perfectly.


Mr. Natural said...

Thanks Suzan. Ya, those lying bastards have just about run me out. A PUBLIC OPTION WAS NEVER IN THE CARDS. Our politicians are worth million$ for a reason. I am just about to pay the price to run my place for sale on Ebay for 90 days. I want the fuck out of here...

Here is the list of corrupt countries:

mikeb302000 said...

Mr. Natural,

I've lived in Italy for the last 20 years. Although lying politicians are running things here as well, somehow I don't take it so personally. The more I watch what's happening in the US, the happier I am to be raising my kids here.

Mr. Natural said...

Italy, eh? Thanks for stopping by again Mike. Did you mean glad to be raising your kids HERE as in the US or ITALY?
Mike, I am so glad I don't have kids in these times. I was around and paying attention (slight) when Eisenhower was president, and have watched the quality of this place deteriorate over the years. It is truly heartbreaking and horrible.
These days it is not enough for businesses (most of em it seems) to make an honest profit, the way things are structured, if they don't make MORE profit this year than they did last year, they call it LOSING money. Companies and corporations are no longer liable for their products or behaviour. NOW they are LLC's or LIMITED LIABILITY CORPORATIONS, or any number of other lawyer/investment/broker crap plans passed by the congress on their behalf.
Truly, more than ever before, the BUSINESS OF AMERICA IS BUSINESS, with a few left over coins and shiny things to distract the peasants.
I am sure that your children are doing well and will turn out to be good, productive citizens.

mikeb302000 said...

I live in Rome Italy and I'm raising my kids here in Italy. I started a family late, so although I'm 56, my kids are 13, 10 and almost 6. Italy has a lot of problems, like anyplace in the modern world, but I think we're better off here than in the States. I hear you loud and clear about not wanting to have kids in these times, and have had that exact attitude most of my life, but the next thing I knew I was a father in my 40s and it was fantastic. One of the best things that's ever happened to me.

marry said...

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