Sunday, March 2, 2008

Vets Break Silence on War Crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq

"The problem that we face in Iraq is that policymakers in leadership have set a precedent of lawlessness where we don't abide by the rule of law, we don't respect international treaties, so when that atmosphere exists it lends itself to criminal activity," GO.READ

"...we never hear the term civilian over there..."

"...that could have been my mother."

"This is what a heart feels like."


How to Access Winter Soldier Broadcasts


(1) Free Speech TV: March 14 and 15, 9:00am – 9:00pm EST

  • On the DishNetwork: Channel 9415
Free Speech TV is a full-time national satellite channel that reaches over 20 million homes in the United States via satellite broadcast on the DishNetwork. They will carry two full days of Winter Soldier.

(2) Link TV: March 14th and/or 15th (times to be announced)

  • On the DishNetwork: Channel 9411
  • On DirectTV: Channel 375

Link TV has yet to determine how much of Winter Soldier they will broadcast and at what times. Check the IVAW website for exact times.

(3) Your local public access channel via Free Speech TV
Public access television stations across the the country have been supplied with consumer DishNetwork satellite dishes and setup units that enable them to receive Free Speech TV programming. Already there are over 150 cities that downlink DishNetwork satellite broadcasts and rebroadcast the programming on their cable channels. All cable systems -- Time Warner, Comcast, Adelphia, etc. -- are required by franchise agreements to provide public access channels to local communities as part of their basic package. Contact your local public access cable channel and ask them to carry all or part of Free Speech TV's Winter Soldier broadcast. If your local public access channel has not acquired a DishNetwork satellite system yet, they can easily and inexpensively do so by ordering an installation of the system from the DishNetwork.

(4) Direct from Satellite
Many colleges and universities, public access cable stations and media centers have KU Band digital satellite dishes. They can tune their satellite dish to the following coordinates and bring in the signal live from Washington, DC. Local news channels can also pick up the broadcast by tuning their satellite dishes to the following coordinates:

Satellite: HORIZONS 2 (Ku) Dig
Transponder: 16 - Ch C
Orbital Slot: 74° WL
Bandwidth: 9 MHz
Downlink Freq: 11984.5 (H)
Carrier Access: Intelsat America (800)631-3562
Satellite Time: 9:00-21:00 ET

KPFA, the Pacifica Radio Network's station in the Bay Area, will be broadcasting live coverage of the hearings on this schedule (all times times are east coast):

Friday, March 14 from 10 am to 7 pm
Saturday, March 15 from 9 am to 7 pm
Sunday, March 16 from 10 am to 4 pm

Pacifica will also be uploading the broadcast to their KU satellite, so any radio station that has access to the KU satellite or a KU webstream mirror should also be able to download that live broadcast. Radio stations that are part of the Pacifica affiliate program should all have access to the KU satellite. If your local station does not have access, or if they are not sure, please contact us at so we can help them make the necessary links.

(1) Streaming video will be accessible at from Thursday, March 13, through Sunday, March 16.

(2) Streaming audio will be accessible at from Friday, March 14, through Sunday, March 16.


LET'S TALK said...

We see what this type of thing got Kerry and others who did the same thing during the Vietnam war. I just hope the Pacifica Radio live broadcast of the Winter Soldier hearings from Mar. 14-16 will not backfire on these Vets.

Mr. Natural said...

Pacifica radio, eh? I wonder if there is an online presence of them...will go searching right now, as I will want to listen to this. I remember the Winter Soldier hearings well!

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