Monday, February 25, 2008

Where Is The US Media When Sibel Edmonds Talks About High Level Corruption And Treason By Government Officials

Since at least 2001, agents of the Bush Administration have been selling US nuclear secrets on the black market in Turkey, a sure way to get them in the hands of terrorists. But when Sibel Edmonds tried to blow the whistle on this crime, she was gagged and the US media said nothing.

For three weeks the past month, the UK Times of London has published explosive stories about the cover-up of Sibel Edmonds’ allegations of corruption, bribes and outright treason by high level US government officials. Much of this information involves the illegal transfer of nuclear technology to Turkey and bribes to Marc Grossman, a former State Department official.

As Sibel expert Lukery Ryland notes in a recent interview with Sibel and a blog post, after “the Times began this series three weeks ago, the White House has quietly moved to legalize the sale of nuclear technology to Turkey in an apparent attempt to 'Exonerate Neocon Criminals' who have been illegally selling this technology for a decade. Congress has 90 days to block this legislation, otherwise it becomes law. If Turkey wants and deserves nuclear technology, this decision should be made openly and transparently, not the result of stealth decisions made by this administration to hide crimes of senior US officials.”

We need a concerted effort to stop this law from going into effect.

Moreover, no major US press has even reported on this story since the Times exposé series began three weeks ago.

We need public open hearings to determine which officials have been supplying the nuclear black market before this becomes law.

How long, if ever, before the New York Times, Washington Post, AP, or any other major U.S. media outlet begins reporting this story?

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