Thursday, February 21, 2008


A federal judge has determined that the US Army Corps of Engineers "squandered millions of dollars in building a levee system ... which was known to be inadequate by the Corps' own calculations."Click here for New York Times story on Judge Duval's ruling.

But an 80-year old law tied Federal District Judge Stanwood Duval's hands and compelled him to release the Corps of Engineers from all financial liability for their shoddy workmanship. Says Duval, the law created an environment where "gross incompetence receives the same treatment as a simple mistake."

This is insane.

Judge Duval in the final page of his statement says "It is not within this Court's power to address the wrongs committed. It is hopefully within the citizens of the United States' power to address the failures of our laws and agencies. If not, it is certain that another tragedy such as this will occur again"

The 8/29 Investigation Act is the way for the citizens to exercise their power!

Demand the 8/29 Investigation Act!

Demand an unbiased thorough analysis of the flood protection failures that nearly obliterated a great American city and its suburbs.

Hold the Corps Accountable! Demand the 8/29 Investigation Act!

Thank you,
Sandy Rosenthal
Founder, Levees.Org


Anonymous said...

I think I heard something about New Orleans' issues recently. But what was it ... oh yeah, it was during one of the NBA All Star game promos.

You see, we haven't forgotten about it!


Mr. Natural said...

somehow I have made friends with this Sandy Rosenthal who founded Levees dot org...makes me feel good to think that I am helping.

I gotta get by your place one of these days. I have gotten so wrapped up in my art...

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