Monday, September 24, 2007

Tell Your Senators: Reject von Spakovsky as Federal Elections Commissioner

If there was one official in the Department of Justice who did more than Alberto Gonzales to inject partisan politics into the supposedly impartial administration of our nation's laws, it was Hans von Spakovsky. He overruled the rest of his department in approving a Texas redistricting plan revised by Tom Delay as well as a restrictive voter ID law in Georgia. He also instigated unnecessary purges of the voter rolls designed to benefit Republican candidates, and openly used partisan criteria in deciding who should get promotions at DOJ.

Now, President Bush wants him to take a permanent seat on the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) -- the body that oversees our nation's laws on financing of federal elections. But one of your Senators sits on the Rules Committee that will vote on von Spakovsky's nomination this Wednesday -- so send a message today that the Senate should reject this nomination immediately.

Click here to take action and ask both your Senators to oppose von Spakovsky's nomination to the FEC.

Von Spakovsky's partisanship at the Justice Department was so bad that recently, six former career professionals wrote an unprecedented letter to the Rules Committee co-chairs detailing his abuses of office and requesting that the Rules Committee reject him.

Any Senator who votes to confirm von Spakovsky will be condoning and rewarding the blatantly partisan administration of justice in our country -- a very dangerous precedent. It's long past time for this President to understand that the Senate will no longer confirm his unsuitable nominees simply based on their past history of serving his party's partisan interests.

Click here to send a message to your Senators that von Spakovsky should never be rewarded with confirmation to the Federal Elections Commission.

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