Saturday, September 22, 2007


I got up early today (0700 is early to me!) to get several cups of morning coffee in me before heading out to the breakfast meeting with Brian Baird in Raymond.

The drive out around Willapa Bay is stupendously beautiful-

So...this here "Democratic Breakfast Meeting With Brian Baird" (my very first Democratic meeting of any kind) was held at the Barge Cafe' in Raymond
Now, I suppose you can see that this aint no big high-tone breakfast. This funky clean little cafe alongside highway 101 really DID used to be a barge. Of course there is nothing left of that barge after all the years this place has been open. So, anyway, I walks in, and this is what I see:
I even KNEW a couple people there! Anyhow, Brian Baird
Is one of the Senators who voted NO on the ORIGINAL dust-up to this horrible war in Iraq, so I thought it would behoove me to listen politely for a little while. People were asking pretty good questions (remember we had all been eating overcooked breakfast sausages and scrambled eggs together minutes before) which I thought he answered thoughtfully, but too much like a politician trying to keep his job in spite of claiming that he could care less if we decided not to elect him again. I poked at him with what I thought were pretty tough questions about getting rid of the MANAGEMENT AT THE TOP of this war (ie:Bush and Cheney, and a couple more). The man has been in Iraq 5 times on his own dime. He has spent time in Jordan, Egypt, Syria as well as Iraq.

WHAT HE SAYS THAT MAKES SENSE TO ME is that whether we LIKE it or not (he dosen't and we don't), is that this whole horror of war (and he acknowledges thousands of Iraqis killed) was done in OUR name. YES, it was/is a lie. YES, we need to get out. BUT for us to go in there and TOTALLY tear the shit out of the place then say "oh sorry, didn't mean it, gotta go now" would be SO WRONG, and I have to agree.

I went to the meeting ready to tell Mr. Baird that any and all of my energies would be going to support politicians who promised to get us out of Iraq IMMEDIATELY. I have changed my mind. We are Americans, and we can SHOW the world that we are sorry for the mess BUSH made by making SURE that BUSH AND HIS CREW OWN THIS WAR. By making sure that we DO THE RIGHT THING.

I decided not to go on up to the town-meeting, as I had discussed and heard what I came for, and had a couple more stops on my 120 mile trek in a Ford Taurus that I really dislike driving. SO ANYWAY, while getting in my car, someone shouted out to me. It was Brian Blake, my Democratic state Representative who I have emailed many times but never met. I thought it very nice of him to go out of his way to introduce himself.

Mr. Blake's son is a Marine and being deployed to the meat grinder known as Iraq soon, and HE wanted to let me know how he felt about Senator Baird's stance. He too, recognises the nessesity to to the right thing. It must be hellishly frightening to know that your son is going to be going over there, and that you are part of that decision process!

I told Brian Baird in no uncertain terms what so many of us agree on, that Bush and Cheney belong in prison, and the sooner the better. He said that he doubted if impeachment would get any traction, to which I replied "it is the right thing to do and if we back you in your right thing to do, you should back us!"

And then I took myself South on 101 around Willapa Bay and home...

We should look REALLY CLOSELY at ANY of our conngressional representatives who DID VOTE FOR this war, and SERIOUSLY consider replacing them. Yes, it's a tough call, but
if they DID read the intelligence and voted for this war, I can't abide their judgement.
If they DIDN'T read the intelligence and voted for this war, I can't abide their judgement.
See what I mean?

In case you don't KNOW how your Congresscritter voted
you can find out HERE.

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dailyread said...

Thanks for posting this, my Brother-in-Rage... it gives me some food for thought, and even though I call bullshit on any Representative or Senator who says that Impeachment wouldn't get any traction, I will consider some of his reasons for thinking we should continue feeding our best and brightest into the Iraq meat grinder.
I know I am not always right, but damnit, I am still passionate.

Mr. Natural said...

Thanks for stopping by Rich! I asked Baird why the HELL the criminals Bush, Cheney, and the rest of that crew were NOT in prison. He hemmed and hawwed around, so I asked him if HE recognised that they were criminals and he SORTA said yes...we gotta keep POKING these bastards to get ACTION from them!

I am thinking that SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE took the management of the Iraq fiasco out of the hands of Bush, Cheney, et-al. I have no idea who or where, but there seem to have been some substantial changes.

Anonymous said...

I believe Mr. Bush never was the "decider", that he was, and still is the talking head. A Puppet hired to do the job, get all the glory and if need be, the blame.

The man who's entire life has been nothing but a string of never ending failures, could NOT have had the stuff to pull this off. I believe he has poked his nose in from time to time, and made the bad even worse, but even then these moments were allowed by the true handlers.

Cheney is the man hired to control the puppet, though even he is not the actual master of mayhem. He's simply the head tool. The true control comes from behind closed doors in places like the Carlyle Group.

We might possibly impeach Bush, and even Cheney, but that won't change much. Because the powers that form entities such as the Carlyle Group would never, ever allow anyone to ever get that close to the problem.

1984, is real. You are better off taking the Red Pill.


Mr. Natural said...

Thanks leslie, but I think I will take the BLUE pill...LOL

As Jim Hightower explains it, is that “the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans possess more net worth today than the bottom 90 percent of us combined. Worse, these privileged few and their political henchmen have structured a new economic ‘normal’ of long-term joblessness, low wages, no benefits or worker rights, miserly public services, and a steadily widening chasm between the rich and the rest of us.” We must restore sanity to this nation.