Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Real Iraq Progress Report

The parade of political tourists to Iraq in recent weeks probably ensures that this murderous adventure will continue well into the next presidency -- even if the Democrats win. click

Personally, I believe that General Patraeus is dirty. As soon as Bushco started firing generals because they said truth that Bushco did not want to hear, they started grooming Patraeus to be the head of the Busco criminal gang in Iraq.

From comments at Majikthise :

My brother, Colonel Westhusing
[Report this comment] Posted by: ForeverForMyBrother on Mar 28, 2007 4:43 PM

My brother, a man with great values as many of you reflect in many of these notes and discussions , good people who care about PEOPLE. He fought for what was right and what we teach our children and hope that they will believe in as they grow up - a good and fair life for all - Not the political of financial gain at the expense of others. Maybe naive to some degree, but I would rather hold dear his values than those. He did not die by his hand. He reported numerous obusives to his Commanders Gen Fil and Petraues, while on duty, who brought him there to run this most important program to transition the Iraqi goverment. TED embodied democracy - or should I say freedom or the chance of it, how ever you want to measure or politisize it, whether right or wrong, it was his job and he wanted to DO THE RIGHT THING for these oppressed people. He reported deaths by death squads supported by contractors and who were trained by the army, he reported contract fraud and stealing money while they continued to cut back their obligations and resouces to improve their profits, leaving soldiers to die unprotected and civilians to be massecred. I have it in notes from him, in detail. The army said they checked these out and it was inconclusive, even when he had so much detail that he wrote in his journal, which they took and won't release, even to his family. And his commanders turned their cheek when he reported more of it and when he said he would bring it home in an open forum, and he definately would have the audience since Gen Petraues selected him to run this, they refused him to go home at the end of his term, granted his bodyguard leave the week he died and denied him a military laywer - which he requested, when he wanted to go forward with someone, anyone he could trust that would help him, DO WHATS RIGHT. His last note to me was that he was threatened if he continued to go forward with the evidence and he wasn't coming home alive and feared for all of us back home, if we spoke up for him. You tell me. I have the documentation and all the army wanted a couple of weeks after his death when they came to my house was to discuss "why he had shot himself", which they did with all of his family - us and already had there plan in place. Then a few weeks after his death sent Gen Petraues (his mentor) and Fil back home to Kansas and Texas to let the heat die down..........That was not a suicide note, they were pages from his journal and many were missing and taken by the government/Army .We have never seen all of them and they won't release them even with the Freedom of Information Act requests. He never wrote a goodby note to any of his family who he dearly loved. Shades of tell me.

I remember when the death of Westhusing was first reported - a non-combat gunshot wound to the head. It was clearly either murder or suicide. The item picqued my interest immediately because of his rank, so I googled information on Westhusing. I discovered his prominence as a military ethicist and read some of his work on honor in the military.

I came to see him as a man embedded in and wedded to the mythology of the military and essentially out of touch with reality as a result. So the ugly reality of our military/civilian fiasco in Iraq must have come as a crushing blow - the shattering of a myth. Therefore, the sepukku theory is easy to accept. However, the circumstances, the information from the family and the acute interest the power and influence structure would have in keeping Westhusing silent argue, in my view, more powerfully for murder.

As with Tillman, had Westhusing come back alive his witness could have been a public relations and political disaster for the administration and the military.



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