Monday, June 18, 2007

Stop dangerous experimentation near the Galapagos.
Tell the International Maritime Organization to crack down on reckless "iron dump."
A reckless, profit-driven experiment endangers the Galapagos Islands - help us stop it!
A company called Planktos is about to dump tons of iron particles over thousands of square miles of ocean near the Galapagos. Planktos claims that the iron dump will stimulate phytoplankton growth, which in turn will absorb carbon from the atmosphere and help offset global warming. Scientists disagree.
Prominent experts say that the iron dump is not only unlikely to remove carbon from the atmosphere in any lasting or significant way, but that such "iron fertilization" threatens ocean ecosystems and could actually alter them in ways that lead to methane and nitrous oxide production, which cause global warming.
The Galapagos National Park in Ecuador is expressing great concern about the dump, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was demanding answers about potential harm this dump may cause the Galapagos - which prompted Planktos to change the flag under which it sails and abandon plans to use a U.S.-based ship.
Given such opposition, why not abandon the dump? Planktos CEO Russ George has promised investors that his iron dumping scheme is a sure way to get rich. He's attempting to sell carbon offsets to global warming polluters - and says he's also going to win Richard Branson's $25 million Virgin Earth Challenge prize.
Planktos is going full steam ahead, and we must act.
On the agenda of the International Maritime Organization meeting in Spain this week are both the Planktos dump and a broader discussion of iron fertilization schemes. We want you to
send this group a message encouraging them to not only come out against Planktos' operation right away, but to take steps to subject any future iron fertilization or ocean eco-engineering schemes to international and scientific oversight.
Friends of the Earth has been in communication with other environmental groups, scientists around the world, Richard Branson, and even the president of Planktos to stop this project. But now, with the international body that has the power to stop the dump meeting this week, we need your help.

Send a message to the IMO asking it to oppose Planktos' iron dumping now!


Travis said...

Its a controversial move, but most things worth doing are. Plankton levels are at 25 year lows, meaning sea life is already at risk. What Planktos is doing is an experiment that could potentially make our world a much better place. I say let them do it, and measure the results. If it works, its automatically profitable for them, and good for the planet. If it doesn't, its not in their economic interests to do it again, and every other entrepreneur attempting to help the environment in this way will take note.

Mr. Natural said...

Perhaps Planktos could try it in front of one of the board of directors' ocean front home instead of around the Galapagos Islands of all places. What do you think?
FOE is affiliated with some VERY GOOD scientific organisations, so I tend to agree with them.
So you advocate wide scale 'experimenting' with the systems on our garden planet?

Mr. Natural said...

"Its a controversial move, but most things worth doing are"


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