Sunday, February 4, 2007

Six months after the fall of Baghdad, a vast Iraqi weapons depot with tens of thousands of artillery rounds and other explosives remained unguarded, according to two U.S. aid workers who say they reported looting of the site to U.S. military officials.
(Turns out there were SEVERAL such ammo dumps left wide open by the invaders)


A truck loaded with 1 ton of explosives blew up a crowded central Baghdad marketplace Saturday, killing more than 130 people and wounding at least 305.
The bombing in the mostly Shiite Sadriyah neighborhood was the deadliest in Iraq since the 2003 invasion


IED'S, truck bombs, car bombs, explosives and explosions of all can lay them ALL at the feet of George W. Bush and his criminal crew. Why has that not been done? The NEOCONSERVATEVES and the NEOLIBERALS have been in charge, and it looks like the they are still running the Democratic party...

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As Jim Hightower explains it, is that “the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans possess more net worth today than the bottom 90 percent of us combined. Worse, these privileged few and their political henchmen have structured a new economic ‘normal’ of long-term joblessness, low wages, no benefits or worker rights, miserly public services, and a steadily widening chasm between the rich and the rest of us.” We must restore sanity to this nation.