Monday, January 29, 2007

The Army Erosion - Reliance on IRR and The Back Door Draft

".... about the erosion of the United States Army's capability to wage large scale war. Our equipment is in shambles (one major reason why it is taking so long to get a mere 21,000 soldiers deployed) and our end strength is a wreck. While everyone parses statements to support one side of this argument or the other, I tend to look at the actions. And the actions show a Country's military in desperate need of help.

One of these actions is the back door draft of the Individual Ready Reserve. The purpose of this post is to educate people to the wide expanse of this program; basically taking untrained civilians who after years of being out of the military, are being forced back in and being "retrained" for new jobs.

I know about this. I was one. I have been writing at the Command T.O.C. about this for years and now it is time to come in the open."

THIS is real bad news, and it lays right on the doorstep of the King of Bad News...

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