Sunday, October 22, 2006


"As Chile and Argentina finally seek justice for those who were tortured, raped, and "disappeared" under the right-wing dictatorships of the 70s, the declassification process in Washington is revealing the horrifying complicity of then U.S. secretary of state Henry Kissinger."

As recently as 25 years ago, very similar stories to that of American sponsored, and now occupied Iraq were happening in South and Central America.
A frequent visitor to this Bush White House has been one of the central figures in those bloody South American Horrors; Henry Kissinger.
Kissinger was one of the principal architects of the failed rape of VietNam.

"...murdering priests and dumping 47 bodies in the street in one day could not be seen in the context of defeating the terrorists quickly; on the contrary, such acts were probably counterproductive...." SOUND FAMILIAR?

This is is one of the horrors of the right wing of politics in the United States. If you care about the politics of the United States, you should read this story over at Vanity Fair.

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As Jim Hightower explains it, is that “the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans possess more net worth today than the bottom 90 percent of us combined. Worse, these privileged few and their political henchmen have structured a new economic ‘normal’ of long-term joblessness, low wages, no benefits or worker rights, miserly public services, and a steadily widening chasm between the rich and the rest of us.” We must restore sanity to this nation.